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Rose Saroyan Ph. D BET

My mission is to assist people in their awakening journey. I facilitate dialogue that helps individuals to identify and celebrate their personal strengths, recognize the factors that may be holding them back from optimizing opportunities and choice-making in life, and illuminate and co-create solutions with them that are most favorably aligned with their life’s agenda.

For over 25 years Rose has helped people experiencing dynamic and stressful life events, such as challenging personal and professional relationships, transitions, e.g., career changes or job loss, separation and divorce, grief, and in overcoming struggles, challenging conditions, or remarkable life circumstances, particular those that manifest into the experience of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disease or imbalance. She also counsels people who just want to get on their optimal path to holistic wellness and success, whether that includes excelling in business, acquiring wisdom for optimal relationships, or those seeking universal guidance and quiet counsel against the backdrop of the overall confusion and crisis that can confront daily life in these changing times.

Her fields of study have included Astrology, Dreams, Cultures and Religions, Meditations, Energy Fields and Energy Healings, an extensive study of Carl Jung, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ho’Oponopono and BioEnergy Therapy. Rose holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Spiritual Counseling with an intense interest in supporting and facilitating healing and transformative learning. As an ordained interfaith counsellor, she holds space for people from all walks of life, creeds, faiths and beliefs while sharing the perspectives and universal guidance offered by BioEnergy Therapy and KDNA wisdom.

Rose will share the benefits of BioEnergy Therapy and the fascinating wealth of individualized understanding for human process that KarmicDNA provides, which engages you to discover the cause(s) of disorders, diseases and discomforts, and assist you to reactivate your body's natural self-healing forces, and also, to empower self to be more proactive in life versus being passive participant and reactive.

Learn how to perceive and work through stress and disease, to explore your natural talents, cut through layers of conditioning, understand and master your challenges, accelerate growth, increase your awareness, and create your most meaningful life!

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with Rose Saroyan, Ph.D BET

What is BioEnergy Therapy?

BioEnergy Therapy (BET) is a ground-breaking modality that reveals our hidden personal wisdom, one that enable us to optimize our lives. BioEnergy Therapy has been developed over the last two decades into an efficient and highly effective metaphysical philosophy for health, healing and life success. Learn all about the BioEnergy Therapy journey on our companion website!

BioEnergy Therapy braids together two exploratory tools: KarmicDNA Assets and Biomedical Symbiology, to reveal an inner knowledge system that maps out your life’s purpose like no other.

KarmicDNA Assets, or Soul Contract readings, conducted through unique 1:1 personal sessions, illuminate how strengths and personal challenges are often magnified by those in our resonance field - our loved ones, our colleagues and co-workers and those around us, and these challenges can become our stress factors. Awareness of, and mastery of these stress factors can restore and revitalize us to live up to our optimal potential.

Your individualized KarmicDNA profile is generated through a unique mathematical calculation to reveal your KarmicDNA Assets Codes. Assets provide a map, a.k.a your "operating system" which identifies the natural talents, gifts and personal challenges with which we are born. Each person is given this individual map, and a description of their Soul Contract.

Together, these tools provide individual personal wisdom to enable better decision making, helping you to find joy and abundance in life, and to discover the reason behind illness and the path to remission of disease, disorder, and away from pain and towards joy and success in your life!

How BioEnergy Therapy complements health and well-being strategies

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Increases brain power and productivity

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Improves ability to manage stress, anxiety and conflict

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Repairs bruised relationships & improve relationship dynamics

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Offers clarity when at a crossroads

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Has a positive impact on overall emotional and mental health

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Resolves complex situations, de-railed projects and plans

Conditions which have shown responses from BioEnergy Therapy include Chronic Fatigue and Pain, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety, Poor Digestion

Achieve the ability to live at your highest expression of yourself creating a healthy and meaningful life.

  • Discover your Life Purpose
  • Resolve & release the past
  • Understand the present stressors that challenge your health & success

What to expect in your BET 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly virtual sessions, 1.5 hours in duration offered in 12 and 24 week program cycles
  • Dependable internet access is recommended. Phone sessions are also possible
  • Custom scheduled plans to meet your needs

This is not just another "personality test" or generic system

Other personality type tests or systems attempt to define your "personality motivations" or personality types based on observations of test responses to certain situations. While captivating at a point in time, these systems are often limited to a fixed number of possible variations to define the entire complexity of the human condition. While common answers or types can generally be prescribed to all people, BET recognizes that each person may actually be having similar experiences for different reasons.

Life Coaching with KarmicDNA not only provides explanations of what each of us is meant to be doing in our lives but also why we are motivated to do it, AND also the best possible solutions for doing it well!

Customize the wisdom of this ultimate holistic empowerment tool in your corporate team environment!

Coaching for Teams with KarmicDNA harnesses the wisdom of this ultimate holistic empowerment tool to support professionals working in team environments, as part of corporate health and wellness strategies, to boost morale and improve employee retention strategies or just as part of healthy team building and development.

What could your team achieve by knowing their KarmicDNA?

  • Help team members to align with their highest life purpose to find paths of ease
  • Repair bruised relationships and improve relationship dynamics
  • Bring complex situations, de-railed projects, and conflicted teams back into balance with lasting resolution

Incorporate BET into your corporate well-being program

Let's face it - even the most productive teams can breakdown over time because of poor communication habits and personal patterns and behaviours. One way we can understand each other is through understanding our own and one another's personal motivations, challenges and drivers.

We are committed to sharing a cutting edge and powerful program using the knowledge of Karmic DNA designed to:

  • Enhance Communication and improve team conditions to maximize corporate well-being and improve the impact that a high-functioning team can make on achieving your mission.
  • Resolve entrenched interpersonal conflicts and create new paths to co-existing in corporate and team environments
  • Understand Power Dynamics and articulate strategies to alleviate pressure points

BET for team wellness & success for employees

What They Say

Rose is incredibly talented and magnetic. She skillfully led our entire staff team through our individualized KarmicDNA analysis and seamlessly summarized solutions for how these results and unique factors contributed to our individual and group dynamics such that we could maximize and navigate our teamwork dynamics in newfound and intelligent ways. Rose will unlock your mind in a way that helps you reach your highest self while gently and intuitively guiding you in a good way. I would highly recommend Rose and her team for any individual or corporate setting that seeks to unlock individual and collective potential through deeper meaning, purpose and intentionality.



Rose is a very gifted BioEnergy therapist who is quite in tune with her client's innate energy. Everybody today is familiar with the term DNA being used with respect to the physical body. Yet the physical is animated by the soul, which isn't talked about enough, in my opinion. Rose is very much clued into the 'soul software', and she can see a client’s current dominant soul energy, as well as their soul purpose energy. Based on that she can provide guidance, as to how a client can ever so gently align with their unique soul purpose energy.

- Hildegard Gmeiner, Intuitive Awareness & Wellness Consultant

Karmic DNA is a wonderful tool to enhance your life, giving you the ability to live it fully; enjoying the ups and managing the downs. Working with Rose, an undeniably wise woman, has helped me to understand some significant major life events. With this understanding I have been able to navigate through a particularly painful time in my life with relative grace and ease. Moving forward, it has helped me to develop better relationship and communication skills in my personal and business life.


Consent and Disclaimer

We take your right to Privacy, Confidentiality and Consent to participate seriously!

Every client and participant, whether through an individual plan or corporate team program, will be required to review the legal disclaimer, complete a health history intake form and consent to participate in the program or therapeutic session(s). Digital forms and any other correspondence and communications are completed and shared for the agreed purpose of providing the services. No collected information is shared or sold to any other party for any other purpose without written and explicit consent from you.

Legal Disclaimer

The information contained in and provided by this service is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis and advice. This service is an allied practice to complement licensed medical practice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified medical provider for diagnosis and treatment or with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. While the service may provide a metaphysical understanding of your doctor's medical diagnosis nothing contained in the information service is intended to be for personal diagnosis or treatment beyond general education.

The Service is presented by the Provider for the sole purpose of disseminating health information for public benefit. Information is for personal use only and may not be sold or redistributed.

The materials are copyrighted may be downloaded and/or reprinted for personal use only. Permission to reprint or electronically reproduce any document or graphic in whole or in part for any reason is expressly prohibited, unless prior written consent is obtained from the respective copyright holder(s).

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